Working freelance has it’s downsides, but also many upsides. One thing I love about my workflow, is that I get to choose all the goodies that I get to work with!¬†Below I have created an ever growing list of Photo/Video Gear that I use on a day to day basis when working on various different projects.


Primarily shooting with professional DSLR cameras, depending on the requirements for a project. This ranges from Canon’s top of the line 5D Mark III Body, to their slightly more affordable 60D/7D Variants. Without limiting myself to either brand or camera, I like to diversify my knowledge across all brands, should the project require specialty equipment for the job.


The collection varies frequently. Many of lens’ are built from the very best high quality glass elements and have weather sealing. Specialised lens’ for desired effect, can be rented at very affordable prices, should I need them for your project.

glidecamSupport // Stabilization

Supporting all of the above and below is essential for creating fluid and smooth motion within a shot. I use a certain amount of gear to help me do that. Professional Photo Tripods & Monopods from Manfrotto, with Fluid cartridge heads for optimum smoothness on tilt/pan. Konova’s Professional slider for cinematic effect. For more elaborate and smooth gliding motion on the move, I use Glidecam’s HD2000 / HD4000 steadycam’s to give the best of the best in buttery smooth steadycam shots.

lexar 128gb 1000x cfStorage

An absolutely essential part of gear when on any shoot, is flash storage. When shooting digital, memory cards are your precious roll of film. Its important to look after them the best you can. When out in the field, I record to Lexar Professional 1000X CF cards for optimum speed and most of all, reliability. Routinely backing up throughout the day to ensure no data-loss, in the event of malfunction/data corruption.

zoom h4nAudio

Arguably equally important as good visuals on any shoot, is crisp and clear audio. I use Rode Microphones in conjunction with the Zoom H4N Field Recorder when necessary. Dead-cat wind shields are essential for when shooting outside. I find these pieces of equipment compliment each other greatly in situations like these.

mac proWorkstation

The main work machine enables me to bring the raw projects all together into a timeline. I use quality components in a custom, purpose built workstation. With GPU accelerated graphics, this machine makes editing projects 10x faster, and much more pleasurable after the tens of hours spent on each and every project. Using professional Adobe suite applications.


Transporting gear from location to location has proven difficult in the past. Though that soon came unglued when I discovered the likes of military class Pelican cases and the wonderful shoulder bag & backpacking solutions from ThinkTank Photo. With a broad selection of inconspicuous transport travel bags and cases from each of these brands. Using nothing but the best quality materials, weather proofing and straps to ensure luxurious security, bone dry equipment and no broken parts.