3 comments on “My predictions for the mysterious 7D Mark II

  1. CHARLIE…. I follow several forums, blogs and other internet based sites regarding cameras. Word on the street is that the 7D Mark II is at the World Cup in Brazil, however there has not been any visual proof of such. As far as the specs…I read an article today that echoed what you stated above. In my perfect world…or I hope and pray that canon shocks us….wishful thinking!!!! I’d like to think that the 7D Mark II will shoot 4K. Canon needs to get with it. There are hundreds of canon guys that shoot video that bought the GH4. The battery life, simple workflow in FCP/Premier Pro and the price has raised eyebrows. I have personally compared footage of the magic lantern hack with the GH4 and its quite interesting. I have communicated with numerous contacts who state that although the GH-4 cannot compare to some of the BIG BOY cameras…its sure is in the same ball park especially for the price. I have had mine for one month and when you add the metabones speed booster with a nice prime lens or the 42.5 lecia nocticron the GH4 is no joke.

    • Charlie Locke on - Reply

      Thanks for the info Tim, I have heard this too. My biggest gripe too is that the camera is likely not to carry and support 4K capabilities, but I stand by this prediction. it just seems silly. If the 7D was 4K. That wouldn’t protect their 1D C camera, which is upwards of 10K in price in the UK. All speculation of course 🙂 The GH4 is lovely. Really nice image, but it’s MFT. No one wants to shoot with MFT. I think it’ll flop. I certainly don’t want to shoot on anything other than S-35 or true 35mm at the moment.

      • I’d have to agree… Canon still isn’t on board with 4k, the trend just isn’t there yet… and they have 4k plans for sure, it just isn’t with a camera in this price range yet.

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