4 comments on “Daily Fifty #26 Sun dried

    • medialockevisual@gmail.com on - Reply

      Yes, I was using the Nikkor-S 50mm 1.4 (Fully Manual) Lens. Using the ‘free-lensing’ technique of setting focus to infinity, and holding the glass in-front of your camera sensor to focus.

  1. Is it true that Nikkor lenses are more sharper than Canon? Im planning to get my 24-70 f2.8 II soon, do you recommend any other lens instate?

    • medialockevisual@gmail.com on - Reply

      Not necessarily Nikon Over Canon. But more to the point that the old film camera lens’ for Nikon AND Canon are as sharp, if not more so than the modern day lens’. They have superior build quality too! The 24-70 is an exceptional lens, you can’t go wrong with that one.

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